Perhaps you have a website or building a website and you keep hearing a buzz word which is  “SEO”. What is it? What does it stand for? Why is it being related to websites? For beginners, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Henceforth, let’s call it SEO.

But what does it really do? When you have a page, what’s the thing you would want to happen? Of course, you want people to go to it. You want to drive traffic to your website. After all, you don’t have a page for anything. You want it known and visited!

However, saying that the internet is large is an understatement. Under your page’s niche, there could be thousands of pages offering the same information as you do. How will you stand out?

There are several search engines in the net like Google and when people type down what they’re looking for, it comes up with a search list. In the best scenario, you want to rank top of that list. Or even on the first page of the search.

This is where SEO comes in. What happens when you incorporate SEO into your website?

Higher Visibility – These days, most brands have an online presence already. Don’t be the last one to be on the internet. Putting up a website isn’t the end – it should be the start. It’s a huge waste of potential when you run a website and leave it all alone.

Comparing our habits currently from 10 years ago, most of us browse on our smartphones now. If they are looking for anything, all they have to do is whip out their phone and do some quick searches on the internet.

It’s a waste of opportunity if your brand does not come up in the searches. A search engine is where most people find what they’re looking for. With SEO, you can be on that search.

Increasing website traffic – As said earlier, traffic is important – towards your page that is. When there is SEO, users would gravitate to your page more. Where there is traffic, there are more customers or users. That is the goal of your website after all.

Keeping up with competition – In this age of technology, almost everyone is on the internet. Even your competition will have their own pages. Your online presence is important if you want to stay relevant.

If you don’t keep up, your brand would be forgotten. Incorporating SEO will make sure you are as visible or even more than your competitors.

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