Many entrepreneurs launch official websites hoping to land clients by featuring their portfolio. The 80% of visitors abandoned websites for so many reasons, one of the conversion killers would be the information they are looking for are not available on your website.

Moreover, if you wish to know the common conversion killers, here are the following you might need to double check on your website.

Outdated webpage

Launching a website for your business yet failed to update it from time to time makes it inactive. Target markets, as well as other site visitors, may think that business is not yet established. Make time to update your website, let the customers feel that you are serious in making and offering business to them. Do not let each visitor leave your website without any means of conversion.

Loading time takes forever.

This has been a constant reminder of SEO and even marketing experts. Ensure that your business website is optimized to load fast on both desktop and mobile users. Aside from that, it should be responsive across platforms and other types of devices such as iPhone, Android, tablets or monitor with wider sizes.

Make sign-up section easier

If you want to increase your conversion rate, you must take advantage of social media profiles autofill, so they can sign-up easily to your newsletter, upcoming promos and when purchasing products. Other businesses that use social media profile autofill in the sign-up section are as follows:

  • Canva
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Ignoring the power of copywriting

    It only takes eight seconds to capture the interest of your target markets especially adults, make the most out of it. Keep your content short, concise and on-point to drive more conversion rates.

    Knowing these conversion killers, you can stop losing customers and partner brands. Never let any dull moments on your website drive away customers, entice and amaze them through web design as much as possible.

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